To be competitive municipality that provides a sustainable service to the community and attract investments. To improve the quality of life of local communities through service delivery by providing:
• Infrastructure and services
• Equitable social and economic development
• Democracy and governance and
• Strong environmental ethos in a sustainable manner.


To improve the quality of life of local communities through as a rural and urban municipality we commit ourselves service delivery by providing equitable socio– economic development through the provision of infrastructure and municipal services in a democratic manner while maintaining strong environmental ethos so that by year 2015 all backlogs will be eliminated.


The Big 5 False Bay is a small local municipality situated within the Umkhanyakude District in northern KwaZulu-Natal. Easily accessible off the N2 national route, it lies adjacent to the False Bay (western) side of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park ( previously known as the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park) and is the Starting point of the MR4( (LSDI Corridor) which links Hluhluwe to Mozambique. The town of Hluhluwe, which contains the major shopping and light servicing facilities, as well as the municipal offices, services it. A large proportion of the land is used for agriculture and game lodge activities and is sparsely settled. The north-eastern parts of the municipality are occupied by fairly densely settled rural traditional communities (Makhasa, Mnqobokasi and Nibela).

The Municipality is graded as a Grade one municipality and since its inception in 2000, has financially been burdened by "inherited" debt from the Umsekeli Municipal Support Services (the erstwhile Development & Services Board), which was previously responsible for the Management of Hluhluwe Town and it's surrounding Commercial Farm Areas. A massive reduction in the Municipality's Equitable Share (more than 35%) has caused the funding available for capacity building and capital projects to be drastically reduced. The municipality's attempts to become less Grant-dependent have therefore also not been successful. Although various attempts have been made to enquire as to the reduction in the Equitable Share, no response has been forthcoming from National Treasury.

The Big 5 False Bay Municipality forms part of the Umkhanyakude District, which has been identified as an ISRDP Node by the Presidency. This programme has been put in place, to, inter-alia, assist the Municipality with human, technical and financial capacity to ensure development and alleviate poverty.

The municipality is one of five (5) local municipalities falling within Umkhanyakude District Municipality in the far North of KwaZulu-Natal Province. The municipality covers approximately 1191 km2 area with only one semi-urban area being Hluhluwe. The municipality is demarcated into 4 wards and has 7 councillors. The municipality comprises of three (3) traditional authorities. Hluhluwe town is the main town and main centre of employment opportunities, shopping and recreational facilities